Nikko Bivens Fire Tending for Firewalk

Nikko Bivens Fire Tending for Firewalk

Firewalking has been practiced on every continent and in every tradition since pre-history. It is a beautiful tool for self empowerment, overcoming obstacles, and clearing harmful thought patterns.

Firewalking is an amazing ritual of transformation, giving us the energy, passion, and courage to go for our dreams through any obstacle. In the firewalk workshop we will work together to explore and clarify our highest purpose, and then use the fire to energize, purify, and celebrate our new vision. Awaken to your hearts truth and dance your own fire!

Why Firewalk?

  • Identify and clear obstacles, fears, and habitual behaviors.
  • Learn to set a strong Intent and follow through with it.
  • Connect with your deepest passion and joy.
  • Live your fullest potential.
  • Create ceremony, focus, and opening into every aspect of your life.

Contact me if you would like a firewalk in your area.

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