KUNLUN® System

“Max Christensen’s KUNLUN® System” is an ancient Taoist method of self-awakening which allows the practitioner to learn how to be self-awakening, self-healing and self-knowing. This is a System that until recently had been strictly utilized in temples and monasteries only. By utilizing the downward flow of energy in the body, one is able to dissolve emotional & energetic blockages and unify the Heart and mind in order to access profound levels of bliss and stillness or “emptiness.”

KUNLUN System helps you:

  • Gain insight into the obstacles that are limiting your experiences
  • Release mentally induced physical ailments and obstacles
  • Directly experience your true primordial nature
  • Heal your inner world and synthesize with the outer universe
  • Experience your own Spiritual Freedom
  • Awaken your dormant potentials
  • Discover your natural state of inner bliss
  • Purify the seventy-two thousand nerves called nadis

Some KUNLUN System Practices you will learn:

Beginning Level 1

  • KUNLUN Method: Practicing KUNLUN Method regularly will purify the entire body as the nadis are toned and cleared by the psychic heat generated within you. The end result is that the nerves can handle much stronger magnetic potentials; this is significant, as the further you go with this practice the stronger your internal energy current becomes.
  • Maoshan Red Phoenix 1: It is one of the most Ancient Teachings of the Maoshan branch that was once a secret and only taught to the head instructor in the monasteries and temples. It is the practice of rapid enlightenment, awakening ones dormant spiritual potential quickly and safely.
  • Maoshan 5 Elements: Strengthens the physical body, balances the internal organs and their corresponding emotions.
  • Maoshan One breath: This basic method results in the balancing of the body, mind and spirit, and brings calmness to the active mind.
  • Other techniques you can learn: I-jong, Maoshan Golden Flower, 3 point healing, Rubbing the Mung point, Nuur practice and Laughter chi gung.

Intermediate Level 2

  • KUNLUN Snake: This method help to stretch and open the back and to allow the free flowing of chi throughout the energy meridian of the spine.
  • Maoshan Traveling Hands: For Spirit travel, inner awareness development and sleep yoga.
  • Other techniques you can learn: Red Phoenix Two, Reverse breathing, 3-ones meditation, Grass gliding, Sun absorbing practice and Sleep yoga.

Advanced Level 3

  • Red Sun: Helps release hidden mental blockages hidden within the heart.
  • Other techniques you can learn: Red Phoenix Three, Tree Posture, Moving 5-elements, Penetrating stance, Mystical hands and Magnetic games.

The KUNLUN® System, utilizes a unique magnetic field that prepares and protects the body from an overt or long standing increase in chi or bio-etheric energy. The chi practice taught in this system is designed for and balanced by the KUNLUN magnetic (heart) field generated in this system. When other systems are taught, in particular, systems that increase the fire element such as Kundalini or systems that increase the Chi as in Chi Gong without the proper preparation of the connection of all three dantiens in a strong magnetic field produced by the middle dantien or heart, it can potentially lead to biological strain at minimum or neurological dysfunction leading to a breakdown of all biological systems in the body, therefore, It is imperative that the KUNLUN System be practiced as a complete system and not mixed with any other system of enlightenment. When practicing the KUNLUN System separate it by a day with your other practices.

Not Recommended if you…

  • Have less than 1 yr of sobriety
  • Bi-polar
  • Under the age of 18
  • Blood Cancer
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