• I've been working with Nikko for about 3 years now, and I am so lucky to have such an incredible and loving teacher in my life! There are only a handful of spiritual teachers like Nikko who do what they do out of a deep desire to help people become more conscious and connect to a higher truth. Through all of my struggles, difficulties, fears, and general challenges that arise out of being human and walking a path of awareness, Nikko has and continues to support me fully with kindness, compassion, and understanding. I love Nikko's infectious laughter and lightheartedness, and -- even when discussing serious topics -- Nikko's playful, joyous warmth shines through.

    She respects all spiritual paths and draws on many different techniques and philosophies when it comes to our work; if one does not seem fitting, she has another and another and even another to tailor to the needs of her student. Despite being so knowledgeable, Nikko is so easy to relate to, and I find myself seeing her as a friend and equal while simultaneously looking up to her as she guides me down my path. My deep gratitude for this powerful, wonderful woman continues to grow, and anyone who has the chance to work with Nikko in any capacity should take it!

  • Nikko's grounded, strong, and playful presence opens the gateway to transform fear into unleashing one's potential. Her presence and container during the fire-walking workshops has allowed for me to move beyond the illusion of limitations and fear into truth.

  • Nikko has taught me a lot about being both focused and spontaneous through her firewalks. One of the biggest gifts I've received from being around Nikko when she firetends is how to give loving attention to what needs it; finding that clarity and quiet within. The depth of her relationship with fire and holding ritual inspires me. She brings beauty and joy out of those who come to her fires.

  • I've found fire walking to be a great way to super charge my intent, move past obstacles and open to the possible. Nikko leads a powerful experience both focused and flexible allowing the group to come together in one great celebration of fire and life.

    Blue SiriusCalifornia
  • I have had several experiences with Nikko, in several different settings, each time I am in her presence I can sense the Joy of my own inner being, and I walk away taking into my everyday life with a stronger connection to my inner joy and love of life.

    As I stepped into the space Nikko had created for the fire walks, I felt an immediate equality, a sense of welcome, and a childlike sense of wonder, of what will tonight offer comes over me and environment of the joy of the mystery guides me deeper into the wealth of spirits offering.

    Each time I have walked across the fire with Nikko, I feel the urge to dance through the known into the unknown... there is a sense of being present in this moment. Her guidance through her presence, her words and her movement has allowed me to go deep into the places I hold within separation giving them an opportunity to come into wholeness again... to love all parts of myself. Within this place, I feel the freedom to allow a true self to glow out into my world.

    She holds great trust in the moment, and allows the moment to show the way into the next possibility. Her insight and clear intention is felt through her words and the space she holds. This invites me to deepen to and claim my own core intentions for this life within the sense that all is possible.

    The healing I have received through the fire walks, are profound and held in many layers within my being from: allowing me to shed the carrying of others pain, to the need to prove it is possible to others, allowing me to shed the barrier of belonging, embrace the opportunity to experience a moment to dance across the fire, just for the pure delight of the dance... this is the most profound moment for me. As this is the moment it was clear I dance this dance for the pure intention of my own self-expression. This has become an important element in the healing space... Joy... Playfulness... Remembering...

    Jill AnnacenturiaTruckee, Ca
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